7 Time Trackers Like Upwork for Working with Freelancers

Tracking the time spent on a project is essential for productivity and keeping tabs on project progress.    A recent survey found that the typical worker wastes 60% of their time every week on unproductive tasks. It’s no wonder that numerous research studies have found that productivity skyrockets when people self-track their time If you’re […]

6 Neat Things You Can Do With Hubspot’s Free CRM

To say that owning a business has its challenges is an understatement. There is so much involved with managing a company or even running a team as an intrapreneur. From dealing with personnel issues to developing product or service ideas, the daily checklist can quickly expand.    This hectic schedule makes it easy for your […]

Solved: Running Elementor and Not Getting SSL Padlock On Homepage

The popular WordPress builder Elementor often has mixed content issues on the homepage. When this happens, visitors won’t get the secure SSL padlock in the address bar when they visit your homepage. But all your other pages are seemingly secure. It’s just the frontpage.

Solved: Can’t Receive E-mails But Can Send

I had problems with one of my domains. I was able to send e-mails but was unable to receive any e-mails. Here is what I did to fix this issue. The domain uses Cpanel and Cloudflare CDN but this also works for domains not running on a CDN.