How to Start Your Own Martial Arts Studio

Popularity in traditional martial arts have risen since the Bruce Lee era and is only growing faster as kickboxing and mixed martial arts events become more prevalent and accepted in mainstream media. Table Of Contents 1Martial Arts Experience2Know Your Clientele3Location4Items Needed for Your Martial Arts Studio5Injury Liability Waiver Form6Pricing Structure7Tracking and Billing Software8Marketing9Extra Income Whether […]

How to Start Your Own Accounting/CPA Firm

It’s no secret that entry-level accountants work ungodly hours, especially if working for a Big-4 firm. So it’s no surprise that many get burned out. And if you are one of the ones burned out, you might be looking for other options, such as starting your own accounting firm. If that is your goal, you’ve […]

How to Start Your Own Restaurant

Let’s me start off by saying that the majority of restaurants fail. That is a commonly-known fact. Restaurants are known to have thin margins with high overhead costs and long hours. According to CNBC, nearly 80 percent of restaurants close their doors before the 5-year anniversary. However, they don’t all close because they are unprofitable. […]

How to Start Your Own MMA Gym

MMA has become very popular in recent years due to the increased popularity of UFC and Bellator. As a result, more and more people are taking interest in participating in the sport, either as a form of exercise or to eventually fight professionally. This increased interest is an opportunity to profit for those willing to […]

How to Start Your Own Web Development Company

Several years ago I had a web development and design business. I’ll be the first one to tell you that I do not know how to code. But that did stop me. I saw an opportunity to leverage other people’s skills and turn it into a profitable company. So if you are looking to start […]

How to Start Your Own Law Firm (Complete Guide)

So you’ve been working for someone else for awhile and are thinking it is time to start your own law firm. Although BigLaw is known to grind their associates, don’t think that starting your own law firm is easy—it is not. Although you are no longer required by partners to put in long hours, you […]

What You Need to Start a Service Business

Services businesses provide a need for people in exchange for money.  This can be lawn care, gardening, manicures, haircuts, social media consulting, fixing computers and phones, the list goes on.  I’ve ran service businesses before and since then I’ve gotten away from that because I’ve fallen in love with information businesses (providing information to people). […]