Elementor: How To Use Testimonial Carousel On A Website


How To Add Testimonials Carousel In Elementor

Step 1: Find the testimonial carousel widget

Testimonial Carousel

Drag it on the new section

Testimonial Carousel 1

Step 2: Edit the content


In the list of items, you can put as many as you want.

You can also remove then

Click the item. Put your Content, Image Name, and Title or Position.


You can choose default or bubble it depends on you


Just choose here what you want if it’s (inline, stacked, image above, left and right)


You can also change the position of your carousel alignment

Slides Per View

You can choose here from 1 to 10 or maybe default

The same in the Slides to Scroll

You can also adjust the width

Additional Options Testimonial Carousel In Elementor

Click Additional Options

In the arrows, you can hide it or show it


You can choose the design that you want 

Transition Duration

You can also change the duration of your transition


You can turn it on or off depending on you

There is also an:

Infinite loop

Pause on Hover

Pause on Interaction

Testimonial Carousel 5

Elementor Testimonial Carousel Image Size

You can also change the image size

Testimonial Carousel Elementor Addon

Elementor Testimonial Carousel Height

Advanced Testimonial Carousel For Elementor

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