Gravity Forms + Stripe: Authorize Payments Before Processing

Gravity Forms is a really power forms software that you can do virtually anything with. One of my main uses is to take payments. One of the businesses I run is a service business. And when a customer books with me, I only charge them after the service has been completed. However, I take their […]

Stripe’s Zip Code Check Fails When Processing Payment (Solution)

For one of my service businesses, I use Gravity Forms to authorize Stripe payments first before processing them. I had a customer keep putting in her information and Stripe would keep saying that the zip code is incorrect. And then it would show up as a pending payment on her credit card statement. So I […]

7 Alternatives to China to Manufacture Your Product

US companies tend to seek overseas manufacturing. This move is, in part, because it can be expensive to manufacture products in the US. China is a popular alternative to US manufacturing. This is because the material and labor costs are low, but also because China has the infrastructure setup to meet supply chain demands of […]

The USA vs. China Manufacturing: Pros and Cons

US companies often shop overseas for manufacturing material. It can be tempting to cut production costs and try to increase productivity. That is to say, cutting costs is the primary reason American companies seek manufacturing overseas. China is often the United States’ go-to when it comes to manufacturing.