Elementor: How To Use Testimonial Carousel On A Website

How To Add Testimonials Carousel In Elementor Step 1: Find the testimonial carousel widget Drag it on the new section Step 2: Edit the content Slides In the list of items, you can put as many as you want. You can also remove then Click the item. Put your Content, Image Name, and Title or […]

Steps On How To Add The Reviews Widget?

How To Add Reviews Widget? Step 1: Search for the reviews widget, then drag it to a new Section Step 2: Edit the Slides under the Content Tab. Here in the list items, you can put reviews as many as you want. Step 3: Upload/Select an image as the profile, change the name and the […]

4 Ways to Add Text Onto Images in Elementor (Best to Worst)

Elementor has always had a neat feature of adding a text overlay over any image. It used to be done with the Inner Section element. However, from version 3.8 onwards, this can be done easily with the Container element. Text overlay images help users understand better what your image or business is about. You often […]

How To Publish Elementor Page (Step-By-Step) And What to Do Before

So you’ve done it. You’ve installed your WordPress site and want to use the most popular visual page builder to design your site. In this article, we will show you step-by-step how to publish your first page using Elementor. We will also talk about a few things you should do before publishing your first page. Table of […]

How to Move Sections in Elementor (3 Ways)

With drag-and-drop builders, it is relatively easy to move sections on your page. With Elementor, there are three ways to move sections. In this page, we will cover the three ways to move sections (or elements) in Elementor.

What’s the difference between WordPress Hosting and Shared Hosting?

Using managed WordPress hosting means that you rent a single server for your website. You aren’t sharing the space with other websites, and there aren’t any other customers. This means that your WordPress site hosting environment is entirely personal, free from security risks. 

The Easiest Way to Move Your WordPress Site to a New Host

I’ve been running sites for awhile now. And that means I have to move (or migrate) sites pretty often as I find new web hosts that I like better. And moving sites used to be a pretty technically arduous task. Some web hosts offer free migration but those would often take days and sometimes had […]

Interserver Web Hosting Review (9 Reasons I Love Them)

I’ve been hosting websites since 2006. And throughout that whole time, I’ve tried a lot of web hosts. And I mean a lot. If I had to count, I can confidently say that I’ve been with over 30 web hosts. I don’t use just one web host. Right now, I host my various sites on 5 web hosts. […]