Hi, welcome to BB101’s resource page.  On this page you will find a variety of resources for your business.  I have used most of these so I can personally vouch for them.  There are a couple of them that I have never needed as a business owner but my friends use.  Keep in mind that some of the links on here are affiliate links—-so I do get a commission when you buy through these links.  Thank you for visiting!

Bluehost: If you are looking for shared hosting, Bluehost is probably the most reliable and cheapest option.  There hosting offers start off at $3.99/mo.

WordPress: ALL my sites run on the WordPress platform.  Don’t mistaken this for wordpress.org site where they host blogs for you.  Wordpress is also a blog platform that you can install on your own site.  Wordpress is the most popular content management system for a reason—it is extremely simple to use and figure out.  Your hosting will have an auto-installer for your to install WordPress on your server.

Thesis: Thesis is a WordPress theme that I use for all my sites.  It is a premium theme though so it does cost money.  It’s $87 for the basic license.  But there’s a reason that it costs that much, it is extremely customizable, powerful, and flexible.  If you are looking for a premium look for your site, I highly suggest Thesis.

Aweber: Aweber is an e-mail campaign management tool.  If you are a business owner, collecting contact information is important.  The currency for business owners is e-mails.  I use this to collect e-mails from my site visitors.  They have a 30 day trial and their lowest plans start at $19.99/mo.

LeadPages: LeadPages is a lead collection tool.  You have probably seen this in action before without knowing it as a lot of sites now use LeadPages.  I use LeadPages to sync to my Aweber account to deliver freebies to my site visitors when they sign up to my mailing list.  If you are trying to sell a digital product, I highly suggest LeadPages as they have many high-converting landing pages available for your use.  Their plan starts at $47/mo when you sign up for a 1 year plan.  If you want to do a month-by-month plan, it’s $67/mo.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google to tract and analyze your visitor statistics.  It is the leader in web analytics and you should be using it on all your sites to tract how your visitors interact with your website.

Freshbooks: Freshbooks is the leader in invoicing and billing software.  If you own a service business, you should definitely try them out.

Wufoo: Wufoo is a great way to create order forms without knowing how to code.  Wufoo also enables you to offer bulk discounts and discount codes in the form.

Buffer: Buffer is a great way to automate your social media presence over several platforms.  If you are active on multiple social media platforms, I recommend signing up for Buffer.

Serpfox: If you care about the rankings of your keywords, sign up for Serpfox.  It will track up to 50 keywords for $10.  There is also a free option too.

Upwork: Formerly Odesk, this platform allows you to hire freelancers for your business.  So whether you need writers, programmers, designers, or translators, this site has it all.

Fiverr: Fiverr is kind of like Upwork, but on a very micro scale.  While Upwork is for big projects or ongoing projects, Fiverr is more for quick projects.  The projects all cost $5 and the freelancers have an option for upgrades.  So if you need a basic logo, a testimonial video, or some quick programming, Fiverr is where you should go.

Limit Login Attempt: If you install WordPress on your site, you need to install this plugin right after.  Hacking is a notorious problem for WordPress users.  This plugin prevents brute force attacks on your site.

Legalzoom: Create your business entity using their platform.