Hiding Published Date on Blog Posts

Understanding the Date Display in Bricks Builder In Bricks Builder, the date display feature allows users to incorporate dates into their brick designs in a visually appealing and informative manner. This feature typically enables users to include dates such as event dates, completion dates, or any other relevant dates within their brick creations. The date […]

Easy Steps to Overlay Text on Images in Brizy

Introduction In today’s digital age, creating visually stunning websites is paramount to grabbing the attention of users. One effective way to enhance the visual appeal of a website is by overlaying text on background images. Brizy Page Builder, with its user-friendly interface and powerful features, makes this task seamless for both beginners and seasoned web […]

WordPress Upload Max Size Solution: Quick Fix Guide

Solving WordPress Plugin Upload Issues Are you struggling with uploading a plugin to WordPress because the file size exceeds the allowable limit? This is a common challenge, especially on shared hosting platforms. The error message citing the upload max files directive in PHP ini can be perplexing but fear not! There are two ways to […]

What To Do When Visual Composer’s Editor Won’t Load?

Introduction Visual Composer, a powerful page builder for WordPress, enhances the content creation experience. However, users may encounter challenges when the editor refuses to load. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through troubleshooting steps to resolve any issues, ensuring a seamless editing experience with Visual Composer Accessing Visual Composer: Initial Steps Go to […]

Is Clixlo Legit? Unicorn Business Software Suite or Scam? Our Investigation

Lately I’ve been seeing Facebook ads of a business software suite promising to save you thousands of dollars a year by combining all the functions of the best marketing software into one product, at a low price of $27. That product is Clixlo. Here is the ad I’ve been seeing. Note, I did not buy […]

6 Neat Things You Can Do With Hubspot’s Free CRM

To say that owning a business has its challenges is an understatement. There is so much involved with managing a company or even running a team as an intrapreneur. From dealing with personnel issues to developing product or service ideas, the daily checklist can quickly expand.  This hectic schedule makes it easy for your most […]