Is Clixlo Legit? Unicorn Business Software Suite or Scam? Our Investigation


Lately I’ve been seeing Facebook ads of a business software suite promising to save you thousands of dollars a year by combining all the functions of the best marketing software into one product, at a low price of $27. That product is Clixlo. Here is the ad I’ve been seeing.

Note, I did not buy their product. This is just a deep dive into their business and online presence to see if there is something sketchy going on.

Clixlo and Clixli: Same Same or Different?

To start, we have to talk about Clixli. While the Clixli website is no longer operational, here is what their website looked like in 2021, courtesy of

So Clixli was apparently a reseller of a product by Simvoly. Simvoly is an all-in-one marketing platform, similar to what Clixlo is promoting.

According to Simvoly, Clixli was a reseller but didn’t pay their licensing fees. So the white label contract was terminated and all their accounts were moved to Simvoly. On the migration page, they stated specifically that they are not associated with either Clixli or Clixlo.

But what does Clixli have anything to do with Clixlo? Even Clixlo said that they are not associated in any way with Clixli. Here is a response from one of their customer reps on Trust Pilot saying they are not associated with Clixli.

Trust Pilot reviews for Clixli are not good. They are full of complaints about the company’s billing methods. So it makes sense why they would not want to be associated with the defunct company.

Our Investigation Into Clixlo

But how true is this claim that the two companies have no relation? Let’s investigate.

A DNS search yielded that both their A name is associated with Google LLC, with different IP addresses. So it is hosted on Google cloud, but not on the same computer. The A-record address for Clixli is and Nothing strange about that.

But here is where it gets a little more interesting. Both the domains show Namecheap as the registrar. And both use the same Cloudflare CDN servers, and

According to their blog post from 2013, Cloudflare had 2,500 unique nameserver combinations (a combination is two nameservers) from 101 nameservers. They have far more than that now…I’m guessing multiples more combinations.

So what are the chances that Clixlo and Clixli are two unrelated companies, marketing the same product, somehow ended up with the same exact nameserver combination? Not very likely.

So while there is no firm evidence that the two are services by the same people, the evidence is highly suggestive of that.

Let’s go on and investigate their online presence a little more.

They started running ads in July of 2022. The ads don’t seem all that fishy.

But their Facebook page is a little fishy.

If you go to their Facebook page, they have multiple duplicate entries of what seems to be a “review” of sorts. But who is reviewing it? Are they reviewing themselves? If you go to their Facebook page, you will find multiple duplicate entries. Seems like they hired shoddy social media management.

Then let’s go to the Trust Pilot reviews for Clixlo. Some of the reviews seem like paid fake reviews.

Take this one. “Ronald Forson” has over 20 reviews on Trust Pilot, all pretty much saying the same thing. Check it out.

A lot of the other Trust Pilot reviews for Clixlo seem to be fake too.

So is Clixlo a scam?

Well, Clixli was a reseller and they resold legitimate software. They just didn’t pay the bills. So if Clixlo is related to them, then it may be the case that they are also in the software reselling business. Their website and demos actually look professional. The way they answer the questions on the Facebook ad seems pretty honest.

So as far as Clixlo being a scam, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that. They seem to be selling (or reselling) a functional product and the product seems to at least work as described.

However, on the business ethics side, something is definitely not on the up-and-up. More likely than not, there seems to be a relationship between Clixlo and Clixli and use less-than-honest methods of promoting their service.

I’m kind of baffled as to why they chose such a closely related name if they didn’t want to be associated with the first company. They basically replaced one word and called it a day.

Anyway, as with anything, please do your own due diligence and take everything printed on the interwebs with a grain of salt. But remember the age-old saying…if something is too good to be true, it usually is.

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