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In today’s digital landscape, creating engaging and visually appealing content is crucial. Thrive Architect, a powerful WordPress page builder, offers a variety of elements to help you achieve just that. One such element is the “Numbered List,” which can be a valuable addition to your posts and pages. In this comprehensive tutorial, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of using the “Numbered List” element in Thrive Architect, ensuring that your content not only looks great but also provides a seamless user experience.

Understanding Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect stands out as a comprehensive WordPress editor, offering an array of features to design and customize web pages effortlessly. It serves as a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced users seeking a seamless way to build engaging websites.

Adding the Numbered List Element

To begin, let’s add the “Numbered List” element to your post or page.

Go to the right sidebar of your Thrive Architect editor.

Numbered List right sidebar

Next, click on the plus sign to access the list of available elements.
Thrive Architect Plus Symbol

Then, look for the “Numbered List” element in the list or use the search bar to find it.
Thrive Numbered List Element

Afterward, drag and drop the element anywhere you desire on your page.
Thrive Numbered List Drag and drop

Now that you’ve successfully added the “Numbered List” element, let’s proceed to explore the customization options it offers in detail.

Customizing the Main Options

Starting Number

The first option you’ll encounter is the “Starting Number.” This option allows you to specify from which number your list should begin. The default value is 1, but you can easily change it to meet your requirements.

Numbered List Starting Number

To adjust the starting number:

Click on the field next to the “Starting Number” option.
Numbered List Starting Number Option

Then, delete the default value.
Numbered List Remove Default Value

After that, enter the desired starting number.

You can also fine-tune the value using the up and down arrows by clicking and dragging them.


After setting the starting number, you have the option to determine the increment for your numbered list. By default, this value is set to 1, meaning each subsequent item will increase by 1.

Numbered List Increment

To modify the increment:

You must enter a different number in the field next to the “Increment” option.
Enter a Number in the Increment

Then, use the up and down arrows to adjust the value.
Numbered List Increment Up and Down

Number Font

If you wish to change the font used for the numbers in your list, the “Number Font” option allows you to do just that. Follow these steps to customize the font:

Click anywhere within the “Number Font” field.
Number Font

Then, a pop-up will appear, allowing you to choose the source of the font.
Number font Source

Next, click on the field below the “Source” option to reveal a dropdown menu with various source types.
Number Font Source 1

Then, select your desired source type.

Choose the specific font based on your selected source.

After that, click “Apply” to confirm your font choice.
Apply Button

Source: Google Fonts:

If you opt for “Google Fonts” as your source, click on the “Font” option to make your selection. Other font settings will automatically populate based on your choice.

Numbered List Element: Google Fonts

Source: Web Safe Fonts:

For “Web Safe Fonts,” the process is similar. Click on the “Font” field, select your preferred font from the dropdown, and click “Apply.”

Web Safe Fonts

Source: Inherit Landing Page Font:

Choosing “Inherit Landing Page Font” will use the font of your Landing Page. Simply select this option from the dropdown and click “Apply.”

Numbered List Element Inherit Landing Page

List Item Spacing

Once you’ve selected your font, you can set the spacing between list items. To adjust the spacing:

Use the slider to the left to drag it to your desired spacing.
Numbered List Element In Breadcrumbs List Item Spacing

Then, enter a numerical value in the box next to the slider.
Numerical Value

List Element Items

The final section under “Main Options” enables you to manage individual list items:

Adding a New Item

To add a new item to the list:

Click the “Add new” button.
Add New

Then, you can add as many list element items as needed.

Rearranging Elements

To rearrange elements within the list:

Hover over the dotted side of an element until you see the “move” icon.

Then, click and drag the list element to your desired location.

Deleting Elements

To remove list elements:

Click on the trash can icon next to the item you want to delete.
Numbered List Element Trash Icon

These comprehensive customization options in the “Main Options” section allows you to fine-tune the appearance and structure of your numbered list element.

Exploring Additional Options

In addition to the “Main Options,” Thrive Architect provides various general options like Layout & Position, Borders & Corners, and more, enabling you to further enhance your content’s visual appeal and functionality. Feel free to experiment with these options to achieve your desired design.

Numbered List Element General Options

Using Group Styling

“Group Styling” is a powerful feature specific to the “Numbered List” element in Thrive Architect. It allows you to customize different aspects of your list quickly and efficiently. Let’s explore how to make the most of this feature:

Click on either a number or text within the “Numbered List” element.
Numbered List Element Group Styling

Then, you can find the “Currently styling” section in the sidebar on the left.

This section lets you choose what you want to customize:

  • Grouped List Items
  • Grouped Figures
  • Grouped Texts

Grouped List Items

By selecting “Grouped List Items,” you can edit the entire list of items as a whole. For example, you can change the background style, and it will apply to each list element item.

Grouped Figures

If you choose “Grouped Figures,” you will only customize the figures (numbers) within the “Numbered List” element. This means that modifications made will affect only the numbers and not the accompanying text.

Grouped Texts

Opting for “Grouped Texts” allows you to edit the text fields exclusively. Any changes you make, such as applying a gradient effect, will impact the text fields while leaving the numbers unchanged.

Deactivating Group Styling

Deactivating “Group Styling” will allow you to customize elements individually rather than in groups. Follow these steps:

Click on the specific item you want to customize separately.
Numbered List Element

Then, look for the “Lock-Unlock” button in its upper left corner or within the “Currently Styling” box.
Numbered List Element Individual

  1. Click the button to deactivate “Group Styling.”
    Numbered List Element Items

This way, you can make changes to a single element without affecting others at the same level.

Existing Group Styling

Once you’ve finished customizing different parts of the “Numbered List,” you can exit “Group Styling” to return to the “Main Options” of the element. To do this:

Click the “Exit Group Styling” option within the “Currently Styling” section.

Then, click “Numbered List” in the breadcrumbs to go back.
Numbered List Element In Breadcrumbs


In conclusion, mastering the “Numbered List” element in Thrive Architect empowers you to create visually appealing and organized content that captures your audience’s attention. By utilizing the “Main Options” and “Group Styling” features, you can customize every aspect of your numbered list to suit your specific needs.

Just like any other element in Thrive Architect, the “Numbered List” offers endless possibilities for creativity and design. Experiment with different options, and don’t hesitate to explore the platform’s Knowledge Base for additional guidance on unleashing the full potential of this powerful tool.

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