Solved: Running Elementor and Not Getting SSL Padlock On Homepage


The popular WordPress builder Elementor often has mixed content issues on the homepage. When this happens, visitors won’t get the secure SSL padlock in the address bar when they visit your homepage. But all your other pages are seemingly secure. It’s just the frontpage.

Having a secure site is very important for your web traffic as Google has said that having a secure site is important for SEO. Furthemore, internet users are getting more cautious about web privacy and are less likely to visit an unsecured site. Users want to know that they are browsing a secure site.

You can see a sample of the issue in the image below. The red image is when your site’s homepage is not secure.

Here is how to fix it.

1/ Ensure you have an active SSL certificate on your site. If you have an SSL certificate but did not install your WordPress installation using SSL, then you can use a WordPress plugin like Really Simple SSL to turn your http site to https.

2/ Go to Tools in the Elementor menu in your WordPress Admin dashboard.

3/ Backup your site incase anything goes wrong.

After, go to the Replace URL Tab and type in your http url and replace it with your https url and then click Replace URL and then Save Changes.

For instance, if your site is then type in and

4/ If you have caching software, clear your cache. You should then be good to go.

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