WordPress Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right at the corner. And you are well aware that these are the biggest holiday seasons of the year during which you can avail crazy discounts and make huge savings. As such, you shouldn’t be deprived of the huge discounts that WordPress is offering. If you are already a […]

Solved: No Sound For First Few Seconds of Video (Realtek Audio)

I’ve finally solved the problem and it was easier than I imagined. I love my custom-built computer but I was running into this issue from the start. I have two audio outputs, one is a podcasting headphone and one is an HK Oynx 4 speaker. The problem I consistently ran into was that the audio […]

Is Mobile Or Desktop More Popular? Worldwide Trends In Internet Usage (Updated 2020)

We all know first-hand that mobile phones are becoming more ubiquitous in our personal lives. However, many people still use desktops/laptops for work and business. So on the whole, is mobile or desktop usage more popular? To answer this question, we delved into a bunch of statistics to look at mobile/desktop usage trends in different […]

Solved: Running Elementor and Not Getting SSL Padlock On Homepage

The popular WordPress builder Elementor often has mixed content issues on the homepage. When this happens, visitors won’t get the secure SSL padlock in the address bar when they visit your homepage. But all your other pages are seemingly secure. It’s just the frontpage.

Solved: Can’t Receive E-mails But Can Send

I had problems with one of my domains. I was able to send e-mails but was unable to receive any e-mails. Here is what I did to fix this issue. The domain uses Cpanel and Cloudflare CDN but this also works for domains not running on a CDN.

Naval: How To Get Rich (Without Getting Lucky)

The following is from a tweetstorm Naval Ravikant did on March 31, 2018. It consisted of 40 tweets filled with knowledge and wisdom on getting rich. Naval is an entrepreneur and investor, and is the former CEO of AngelList.  To download the tweetstorm as a PDF book, click here.   Seek wealth, not money or status. […]

How to Start Your Own Law Firm (Complete Guide)

So you’ve been working for someone else for awhile and are thinking it is time to start your own law firm. Although BigLaw is known to grind their associates, don’t think that starting your own law firm is easy—it is not. Although you are no longer required by partners to put in long hours, you […]

Types of Businesses With the Highest Profit Margins

In order to sustain your business, you need to profit.  And as we know, profit is the total after taking your cost of doing business and subtracting it from your revenue.  What determines how much you profit is your margin.

What You Need to Start a Service Business

Services businesses provide a need for people in exchange for money.  This can be lawn care, gardening, manicures, haircuts, social media consulting, fixing computers and phones, the list goes on.  I’ve ran service businesses before and since then I’ve gotten away from that because I’ve fallen in love with information businesses (providing information to people). […]