Interserver Web Hosting Review (9 Reasons I Love Them)


I’ve been hosting websites since 2006. And throughout that whole time, I’ve tried a lot of web hosts. And I mean a lot. If I had to count, I can confidently say that I’ve been with over 30 web hosts.

I don’t use just one web host. Right now, I host my various sites on 5 web hosts. They all serve a different purpose.

But since January 2020, Interserver has quickly become my favorite. I like them so much that I now have two VPS (virtual private servers) and one Shared hosting accounts with them.

In this article, I will review Interserver and give you the 9 reasons why Interserver is currently my favorite web host and show you how to get your first month of hosting free with them.

Interserver Shared Web Hosting Review

The review below is in regards to Interserver’s Standard Web Hosting package, which is their shared hosting plan. I highlight the reasons why I like it and compare it to other web hosts.

1. Monthly Payments

Web hosts that allow month-to-month payments are fast becoming a relic. But the good news is that Interserver is one of the few hosts that still allows for month-to-month payments.

A lot of other web hosts will quote a monthly price but require you to pay for a year in advance. So that $3/mo hosting that they advertise is really $36/year. Here is an example.

Although the prices are quoted as monthly prices, you actually pay 1/2/3 years in advance.

And for the hosts that do allow month-to-month, it gets pretty expensive. Check out Hostgator’s monthly plan. If you pay monthly, it’s actually $10.95/mo.

With Interserver, you actually get month-to-month hosting at a pretty decent price and the price if you pay 6-12 months in advance is even cheaper.

They always have coupons available to make your first month essentially free. So you have that one month free to try them out before you commit. To try them for a penny for the first month, use my coupon code BB101TRY.

2. Free SSL Certificates (and Automatically Installed)

Having an SSL (secured sockets layer) certificate is no longer an option if you have a website, even if you don’t sell anything on your site. 

SSL certificates encrypt information and allow your visitors to browse your site safely. 

Google and other search engines have gone on the record to say that your site will rank higher with SSL certificates. 

Although SSL certificates aren’t too expensive, many other web hosts charge for it or only give you the first year free. For instance, Namecheap gives you one year of free SSL certificates but you will have to renew for a price after that one year.

With Interserver’s AutoSSL, your certificates are free forever.

In addition, your certificates are automatically installed when you register for hosting if your domain is also with them.

Try Interserver For $.01

Try Interserver web hosting for just one penny. Use coupon code BB101TRY

Yes Let's Do It!

3. Unlimited Free Migration

While free website migration from another host is sometimes free with other web hosts, many of them usually limit you to migrate one website for free while paying for the rest. So if you have more than one website you want to migrate over, you will have to pay out-of-pocket.
Interserver will move over as many sites as you want for free. And they get it done pretty fast too—so you’re up and running usually the same day you register for hosting. This brings me to my next point.

4. Fast 24/7 Customer Support

Dealing with Interserver customer support has always been a fast and easy experience. Someone always reaches out within the day that I send in a support request.

Below is a screenshot of one of the many support requests I sent them. I sent in the support request at 11 pm. They replied about an hour later with a solution.

interserver technical support

Have 24/7 fast technical support is important for someone like me who is a complete newbie when it comes to server maintenance and troubleshooting.

5. No Down Time (So Far For Me)

So most web hosts now will guarantee 99% uptime. So does Interserver do in that regard?

As I’ve said, I’ve had hosting accounts with them for a while now (since January 2020). And to date, I have not experienced any downtime or servers crashing. And I have three different servers with them. So it’s been 100% uptime for me.

Any issues with my sites have been due to user error.

Interserver has its servers at 4 data centers and provides redundancy to ensure that your data is never lost. Each data center is climate-controlled and is staffed with in-house support 24/7.

So if your server is down for whatever reason, you can ensure that there is someone there to physically troubleshoot your server.

6. Blogger-Friendly

Interserver is extremely blogger-friendly, specifically WordPress.n This is great because most of the technical glitches that I have experienced is actually WordPress-specific. 

With some other hosts, I would get bounced around via e-mail to multiple people or they wouldn’t know how to solve a technical issue. However, with Interserver, they were able to solve pretty much every single technical glitch I’ve had on their server that was WordPress-specific. 

In addition, they have their servers settings preconfigured to run optimally with WordPress.

7. Free Hacked Website Cleanup

If you’re moving your website from another host because it was hacked, Interserver will fix your hacked website for free. They will check your site, remove malicious code, secure your site, and make sure that it is clean when you migrate it over

8. No Hidden charges (Such as Cpanel and Softalucous)

Cpanel used to be free with virtually all web hosts. However, some web hosts are not charging for Cpanel. 

Cpanel is the software used to manage your hosting account. Of course, there are other software out there to do it, but Cpanel is really the best.

Softaculous is the software used to manage and install open-source software (such as WordPress) on your server. I always thought it came free with all web hosting plans but a web host I signed up with a couple of years back actually charges for it.

Without Softaculous, installing software is a pain in the behind. 

So with Interserver, there are no hidden charges with Cpanel and Softaculous—they both come free with your hosting plan.

9. Generous Introductory Price and Refund Policy

All hosting plans with Interserver come with a 30-day refund policy. But what’s even better is their introductory price for the first month. With the coupon code BB101TRY, your first month is just one penny. 

So if you don’t like it, you can just cancel the plan within 30 days and all you will lose is a penny. And if you decide that you don’t like it after 2 months, then you can cancel the plan and you will have only really paid for one month of hosting since your first month is virtually free (a penny is virtually free).


So above, I’ve written about 9 reasons I absolutely love Interserver as a web host. So to conclude, here are the reasons

Try Interserver For $.01


Try Interserver web hosting for just one penny. Use coupon code BB101TRY

Yes Let's Do It!

Interserver Web Hosting Registration Walkthrough

I realize that to many people this is their first website. And if it is, registering for your first web host can be a little confusing. That’s why I made this quite video walkthrough of Interserver, showing you exactly how to register a domain or your hosting with them. So if you aren’t sure of what to do, please watch below.

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