Is Fax Burner Legit? My Review After Using for One Year.


I initially found Fax Burner when I was trying to find an online fax solution so I can receive my EIN confirmation letter from the IRS. 

I’ve used Fax Burner for over a year now so I think I have a pretty good perspective of the service. In this article below, I will review the service and discuss whether or not it is worth signing up for.

Fax Burner markets itself as a free fax machine for sending and receiving fax. Every month, you can receive up to 25 pages of fax for free. And you also have a lifetime limit of 5 pages of fax to send for free. 

So if you use Fax Burner’s free service, you are most likely using it to receive fax. Receiving a fax is really easy. Once you are ready to receive a fax, you click on “reserve a fax number” and that number is yours.

So what’s the catch? How can they maintain this free service? The catch is that your fax number changes every 24 hours. And in order to maintain the same fax number, you will need upgrade to a paid plan.

However, in most cases, your fax number changing every 24 hours is not something to worry about if you are only concerned with receiving a one-time fax.

While the fax number is put back in the pool after 24 hours, your faxes are saved to your account for you to view and download at your convenience. Faxes you received while the number was yours will not show up on another person’s account if that number is thereafter assigned to them. 

However, if someone uses that number to send you a fax and that number is no longer yours, then yes, someone else will receive that fax.

As I said before, you can send up to 5 pages of fax for free. If you need to send more than 5 pages, then you will need to upgrade the plan. That is probably the only drawback with Fax Burner—there is no pay-per-page option for sending faxes. I really don’t want to upgrade to a $12.99/mo plan just to send a 10-page fax. I am not sure if it would make fiscal sense for them to have a pay-per-page option but it would definitely make sending faxes more cost-effective.

Some of my favorite features of the free plan include:

The one thing drawback I see from the service:


In conclusion, Fax Burner is a fantastic free service to add to your business software stack. It is meant for people that do not receive fax often and want to receive one-time faxes from senders. If you want to send faxes here and there, you will have to upgrade to the paid plan, which is pretty cheap when compared to other online fax services.

Fax Burner Rating

If you would like to watch a video of me reviewing Fax Burner, you can watch below:

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